I am a first second year architecture student studying at Unitec Poly-technic in Auckland, New Zealand. This blog is a way of cataloguing all of my projects so future me can both physically and spiritually cringe.

 One thing I’ve learnt this year is that context is quite important. Heres some context.
Unitec on Carrington Rd was an insane asylum when it was built in 1867. in 2015 it still is an insane asylum, shared by architecture, landscape and graphic design students.

Unitec in 1976 (woahza)
Unitec in 1976 (woahza)

Wander the halls of the school at night and you may be confronted by students mindlessly slaving away in their studios, asleep under the desks or even asleep on their models. Fortunately, Unitec promotes healthy work habits by being open for 24 hours a day when a project due date is approaching.

Relevant Starwars architecture themed video 

But fear not, Unitec can be fun! When we are not waiting for printing at the copy shop or pre-drinking for afternoon studio at the local Hawaiian L&L we are performing satanic blood rituals on the courtyard pentagram.

wooooooo spooopy

Its important while studying at Unitec to keep the spirits happy. After all, In the late 1800s  patients averaged 900 in number, with an estimated average of eight deaths a year, there was also a typhoid outbreak and like 60 patients died and then one patient set another on fire or something.

Unitec after a fire in 1887
Unitec after a fire in 1887

So things actually haven’t changed that much.

Students set each other on fire during “Crits” (where you present your studio work to peers and tutors) and I’m pretty sure our Architectural Critical Studies lectures had the same effect as the typhoid epidemic over a hundred years previous.